Project Description

BAE Systems

The client

Background: Modern military air forces demand pilots who are capable of flying the most advanced combat aircraft in the world. In order to achieve the standards required, student pilots need to be trained safely and cost-effectively. The Hawk Advanced Jet Trainer from BAE Systems combines a proven airframe, fully integrated training system and an optimised package of support measures to produce fast jet fighter pilots in the most cost-effective and flexible way possible. Recent competition from Italy and Korea threatened the Hawk’s position as the world’s most successful jet trainer and a ve way pitch was called by BAE Systems asking agencies to create branding that refected the position of the Hawk Advanced Jet Trainer as the number one Advanced Jet Trainer in the world.

Hawk Re-brand

Objectives: The task was to design a strong, contemporary, forward looking brand that could be used throughout the Hawk communications programme. Initial applications included a new livery for the demonstrator aircraft, a brand book aimed at VIP customers and technical literature aimed at end users.

Brand Book

Planning: Following our successful pitch for the branding, Fathom worked very closely with the Hawk communications team helping them analyse the ten audience segments identified and suggesting appropriate pieces to communicate with each segment. These segments ranged from individual VIP customers such as the Crown Prince of Bahrain through to air spotter fans of the Hawk. During the course of these discussions, Fathom helped the client distil the audience types down into 3 pieces of communication so enabling them to save money and time.

Executive summary and supplementary marketing materials

Results: Feedback has been extremely positive throughout and has led to more commissions for Fathom from other departments of BAE Systems.

The key indicator of success for this particular piece of branding is that the client is now ordering large run reprints of all elements and developing additional pieces such as books and audiovisual brand support with Fathom.


Client testimonial:
“Hawk is the most successful trainer jet in the world. It features the very latest in advanced avionics and this new identity really reinforces this positioning. We are delighted with the results and look forward to developing the Hawk communications programme with Fathom in the near future.”

Ashleigh McClure, BAE Systems Senior Communications Adviser

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